Coordinated operation of cascade dams in the Eastern Nile

General information

Client: Eastern Nile Technical Regional Office, Nile Basin Initiative
Contractor: Dr. Hubert Lohr as lead consultant, SYDRO as sub-consultant
Location: Egypt, Ethiopia, South Sudan, Sudan
Project duration: 07/2017 - 03/2018
Key characteristics: Nile, Cascade dams, optimation of operation rules, water management

Project desription

This project is a direct follow-up of the Roadmap for Coordinated Operation of Dams in Eastern Nile (see beside) and aims at generating options or scenarios of coordinated operation of dams (existing and planned). Optimal configuration of dams in the Eastern Nile, optimal coordinated operation rules and associated trade off / benefit matrix are established. The outcome is a range of options that would help EN countries in their deliberations on how best to manage their shared water resources in a manner that minimizes risks and maximizes their mutual benefits.


In a first phase, activities comprise:

  • Assessment of current situation concerning the needs and objectives of the countries.
  • Development of an updated database of storage dams in the Eastern Nile
  • Assessment of existing and planned water resource development and management plans
  • Establishment of baseline (current condition) operation of dams including a performance metrics for evaluating options.

The second phase refines the assessment for existing dams in order to:

  • develop further the Nile Basin water resources model
  • concretise options for coordinated operation of existing dams in the Eastern Nile

The third and final phase includes planned dams.

Several consultation meetings and workshops with member countries


  • Data management
  • Hydrological and water quality assessments
  • Communication with the member countries
  • Workshops and consultations
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